Visitation means a visit or visit. However, the visits or tours referred to here are very different from the visits or visits of world leaders who are considered important. This visit or visit was very simple, without much preparation, but it changed the world. God who visits His people and who liberates His people. Experiencing God’s visit as Fulfillment and Salvation is what brought Zechariah to praise God. Zechariah praises the faithful God, the God who has fulfilled His promise to save His people.

Luke 1:68 (TB 2)
“Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, for He has come to visit and deliver His people.”

Zechariah’s praise is based on two things,

First, Allah is a GOD who VISITS His people and the second is;
GOD who BRINGS RELEASE or God who FREES His people. First, GOD WHO VISITS HIS people. The word for visit in greek is “Episkeptomai” which means more than just God coming or seeing humanity but He comes, also to ascertain whether humans are in good condition or in trouble. The word Episkeptomai also has the nuance that if humans are in trouble then God wants to know and do what is best for humans. Visiting also means visiting to save or provide help to His people.

Second, GOD BRINGS RELEASE or Liberates His people.
The words “bring deliverance” can be translated as a verb followed by an object, namely “to deliver them” or “to set them free”. The freedom or freedom referred to includes freedom from colonialism (at that time, by other people/nations, namely the Romans), but it can also mean freedom from evil actions and their consequences, namely sin. As stated in the Bible, the coming of Jesus Christ was to free His people from their sins (See; Matthew 1:21, 1 Peter 3:18, 1 John 3:5). Salvation in Christ gives us a DEFINITE GUARANTEE of change and hope that will have an eternal impact.

May this Christmas Month as we commemorate Christmas Day, our praise and joy not be due to physical things alone, but let us be more truly aware and understand that Jesus Christ has come to visit us and freed us from the slavery of sin and has given eternal life for all of us His Redeemed people.
Merry Christmas, Immanuel! (AH).


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